Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scout Carriers WIP

Here are some shots of my Early War army I am assembling for Rallypoint this year. Its based on the exploits of New Zealand 2nd Division's Cav Regiment in Greece.

It is a work in progress and I still need to do some detail work on the headlights, tracks, bases and unit markings.

The New Zealand Div Cav used a variety of carriers throughout 1941-1943. In Greece 1941 they used a mixture of Scout, Bren and universal carriers. Depicted here are 3 Scout carriers. The will most likely end up as C squadron.

A typical NZ Squadron in Greece would have a HQ unit of 2x Marmon Herrington MkII Armoured cars and 2x "Carriers"
Then there would be two troops each with 3 Marmon Herrington MkII Armoured cars. Then 4 more troops each with 3 "Carriers"

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