Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kiwis for Conquest Part 2b: 1st platoon finished

Here is the finished 1st Platoon.


  1. Looks Good, Im not sold on the massive tree's...though they are very nicely done :)


  2. Mate these are very nicely done. It's helped me to solve the dilemma I've been having; I think that I'll go for commonwealth infantry and save the rifle company box for something from turning tide later on in the piece.

    It's also got me thinking about how I'm going to do my bases. While I'm not going to be quite as adventurous as you, I would like to include some slightly less lush trees (olive trees?) And more than a few token rocks.

    Lastly, you're in Wellington right? Garth (the other contributor to my blog) is getting to the stage where he might want to have a game or two, or at least observe people who know what they're doing. There's also another of our old gaming group who might be swayed back into the hobby by the sight of a fully painted and refrained game. My question is, do you belong to a club where these guys could pop in for a look?


  3. Yeah, I am in Wellington. What part of the country are you in?

  4. Member of the Hutt Valley Wargames club:

  5. I'm in the Waikato (was in Wellington for University), but Garth still lives in Hataitai. Just checked out the site, I'll give Garth a heads up and see if he'd be interested in heading along - next weekend even!

    I purchased the Commonwealth Infantry today, rather looking forward to getting into them!

  6. This weekend is is Napcon. We are hosting a friendly gathering of Napoleonic wargamers. Feel free to invite him along. I will be there with my Prussians. He can take command of a French infantry brigade if he wants to.

  7. I've passed this onto him, will let you know if he's keen!