Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Freedom rounds!

Now that Valleycon 2012 is over and done with I now need to get my Day of Days army finished. The models arrived two weeks ago so tonight I decided to assemble them.

This unit will be based on 98 Artillery Regiment in Italy. They were equipped with Priests self propelled guns till 1945 when they were issued Sextons.

Knowing myself and Poochie I predict it might be a race between my Fearless Vet Priests vs his Confident Vet Shermans to see who can take the objective first.

I did a few tweaks to the models mostly just sticking on bits of stowage and adjusting the angle of the .50cals to make them look unique.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fennblades, with an added side order of rant

Finished painting my Fennblades. The story behind my acquiring of these figures typifies what is wrong with my local game store. Months ago I walked in and they actually had some figures I wanted. Normally they have nothing of interest or I have to order it in (takes 5 months to get stock from BF, which I ordered elsewhere and received it in 3 days),

This time they actually had something I wanted. However something seemed wrong. I looked up on my phone what the maker of the miniatures had as their RRP. With my banks website I converted it to NZ dollars. These figures should cost $65-$70 off the shelf. My local store had these for $110. When I queried the person at the store they said that there was not error in price and thats the price for them.

So not wanting to be ripped off I searched online. No store had them. I emailed a few stores in NZ to see what they had in stock and I got lucky. Comics in Chch and a box off the shelf for $78. A few emails later and I had bought them. Poochie even was kind enough to pick them up send them to me (in exchange for a Panzer III sent to him).

That is just one example of how bad my local store is. They just don't understand simple concepts like pricing their product so they sell. Its not the cost price of the item. Its the margin they have assigned to it. Comics and my local store must go through the same supplier, one store simply has chosen not to rip off its customers.

Well enough ranting here are the painted Fennblades:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Need sleep, must rout the French!

Last night we all gathered together for a game a big game of Lasalle. British defending some ladies of virtue from the marauding Frenchmen. My figures weren't needed this game as there was amble French units opposing the British.

I commanded the right flank with the Kings German legion. In Lasalle this is represented by the Brunswick support from the book. We had the light Division in the centre and on the left flank some more British. In reserve were our Heavy Dragoons.

My plan was to attack forward forcing them to commit their Cav reserve. I didn't this too well. The Heavy Cav came on my flank and hammered my troops. I killed two Battalions of French foot for the loss of 1st and 2nd KGL and the KGL Hussars. A timely arrival by a squadron of Heavy Dragoons smashed the French Heavy cav to hold the flank.

Here are the pics, check out our awesome Generals.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mauler she wrote pt 2

So here is the finished Mauler. Now to paint a some Warlocks to lead the Trolls.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Mauler she wrote

Out of desperation I had to buy a Mauler from my hated local game store. It was the least overpriced Warmahordes model they had in stock. One example is that they are selling a box of Fennblades for $110 NZ, crunching the numbers for the exchange rate that should be around $66-$70 RRP. So $40 overpriced. I need this unit for my Equinox list so I was getting desperate as the normal UK webstores were out of stock. Lucky for me Comics Compulsion in Christchurch and a box off the shelf for $79.  Why a Mauler? Here are two good reasons..

1. The new Plastic Mauler looks really bad. This I think is partly due to making the kit work as the basis for the 3 generic Dire trolls. It just doesn't have any character.
2. Maulers are angry piles of awesome in the game.

However I am noticing a trend in Privateer Presses figures. They are horrible to assemble. This model had huge gaps in the joins but it is assembled and ready for painting tomorrow.

Here is what the new plastic Mauler will look like:

Here is the un-greenstuffed model:

And after some greenstuff work: