Monday, January 23, 2012

Fennblades, with an added side order of rant

Finished painting my Fennblades. The story behind my acquiring of these figures typifies what is wrong with my local game store. Months ago I walked in and they actually had some figures I wanted. Normally they have nothing of interest or I have to order it in (takes 5 months to get stock from BF, which I ordered elsewhere and received it in 3 days),

This time they actually had something I wanted. However something seemed wrong. I looked up on my phone what the maker of the miniatures had as their RRP. With my banks website I converted it to NZ dollars. These figures should cost $65-$70 off the shelf. My local store had these for $110. When I queried the person at the store they said that there was not error in price and thats the price for them.

So not wanting to be ripped off I searched online. No store had them. I emailed a few stores in NZ to see what they had in stock and I got lucky. Comics in Chch and a box off the shelf for $78. A few emails later and I had bought them. Poochie even was kind enough to pick them up send them to me (in exchange for a Panzer III sent to him).

That is just one example of how bad my local store is. They just don't understand simple concepts like pricing their product so they sell. Its not the cost price of the item. Its the margin they have assigned to it. Comics and my local store must go through the same supplier, one store simply has chosen not to rip off its customers.

Well enough ranting here are the painted Fennblades:

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  1. That sucks Nick. More than ever I guess it pays to shop round.

    The figures look fantastic though- great job