Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Need sleep, must rout the French!

Last night we all gathered together for a game a big game of Lasalle. British defending some ladies of virtue from the marauding Frenchmen. My figures weren't needed this game as there was amble French units opposing the British.

I commanded the right flank with the Kings German legion. In Lasalle this is represented by the Brunswick support from the book. We had the light Division in the centre and on the left flank some more British. In reserve were our Heavy Dragoons.

My plan was to attack forward forcing them to commit their Cav reserve. I didn't this too well. The Heavy Cav came on my flank and hammered my troops. I killed two Battalions of French foot for the loss of 1st and 2nd KGL and the KGL Hussars. A timely arrival by a squadron of Heavy Dragoons smashed the French Heavy cav to hold the flank.

Here are the pics, check out our awesome Generals.