Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Freedom rounds!

Now that Valleycon 2012 is over and done with I now need to get my Day of Days army finished. The models arrived two weeks ago so tonight I decided to assemble them.

This unit will be based on 98 Artillery Regiment in Italy. They were equipped with Priests self propelled guns till 1945 when they were issued Sextons.

Knowing myself and Poochie I predict it might be a race between my Fearless Vet Priests vs his Confident Vet Shermans to see who can take the objective first.

I did a few tweaks to the models mostly just sticking on bits of stowage and adjusting the angle of the .50cals to make them look unique.


  1. They are going to look good- I just hope that the observers have been back to school- after their woeful performance at ranging in at Conquest.

    Look forward to seeing them progress.


  2. The race to Rome is on!

    Last company there is buying the drinks...