Saturday, December 15, 2012

ACW Union: Part 2

This weeks painting was completed in time to catch the sunshine for some alright photos. I will stick some temp flags on them soon. The real flags will be completed later.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dan Sickles, III Corp

Been a while since my last update. I have caught the American Civil War bug and have painted some Union troops. They didn't seem complete without flags so I just used the 18th Infantry Regiment flags which come with the Perry plastic boxes.

These will be replaced with the correct flags when I decide where to get them from.

I have decided I will paint an entire Corp except for I Corp, 1st Division, 2 Brigade. Adam from Chch is painting Wards brigade.

3rd Corp was led by Dan Sickles. Who is most certainly an interesting character.

As per usual pictures are taken under poor lighting with my cheap camera.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Romanians for Winterfest

I have spent the last 8 days assembling and painting an entire Romanian army for Flames of War. Next weekend is Winterfest a 1750pt LW comp which is themed Axis vs Allies on the Eastern front.

Due to more Axis than Allied I switched sides like a true Romanian and themed my force to when the Romanians had surrendered to the Soviets and were fighting with them against Germany and Hungary.

First up is the HQ elements, 2x Panzerschrecks, 2x 60mm Mortars. Also a Sniper where normally they cannot take but I get free due to the competitions special rules. Note I messed up in identifying what was in the box. The 2IC and CnC are actually Kommissar figures not Romanian officers as I had first thought. Too late to change. 
Next up is 1st and 2nd Platoon. These are MG teams with a Panzerfaust SMG team as a command team.

HMGs are next, these will most likely we combat attached to the infantry platoons.

Now on to the awesome Schneider 47mm AT gun.

Now for the big boys. Romanian built 75mm Resita TAC 43 gun. These should scare those big cats!

For artillery support we have the 100mm Skoda guns.

To back them up we have the 150mm Skoda guns.

For Soviet support with have a unit of T34/85.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

6mm Moderns; A Test

My GHQ order has arrived. I quickly opened some packs undercoated and did a test figure.

I am reasonably happy with the result. However I should of cleaned up the model a bit better. Most of the tanks have a huge mold line through the side of the tank. To remove it I would have to run a knife down the side almost guaranteeing loss of the rivet details.

My Chieftains will be painted in the Berlin Brigade Camo scheme. Its a urban camo based on the old WWI era Dazzle scheme. Its designed to break up the tanks lines so at distance it won't be recognized quickly as a tank.

As normal I only have my cheap point and shoot. Lighting is poor and enlarging 6mm figures isn't the best idea.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Borodino, Chch 2012

Over weekend a bunch of NZ wargamers decided to refight Borodino. Every regiment who took part is represented. With over 4500 infantry, 1000 cav and 160 gun models it was extremely impressive. 

We used Blackpowder and everything flowed nicely. We even got a result!I commanded the centre right an Davout I Corp with 3 infantry divisions, the corp cav and artillery. Most of the photos are from my attacks to take the fleches.

At first my corp took a while to get into place. Then with a corp order of “Storm the Fleches!” and a few good command rolls saw the entire corp get stuck and overran the left gun position.It was an epic battle as the fleches changed hands 8 times become it became clear the Russian infantry were expended but their Cavalry and guns formed up behind the fleches preventing any further advancement.

I called in support from II Resever Cav corp, with 2 bridges of Cuirassiers and 1 light cav brigade. Napoleon himself released a division of young guard to ensure the Russian centre broke.We such fine troops I pushed forward breaking several divisions and causing Bagrations 2nd Western army to break. Dispatches from my right confirm that the Poles with aid from Junots corp of 2 divisions secured the road. 

News from my left was also good as the forces there claim the great redoubt.On our far left things were not so well. The Russian cavalry crushed an entire French corp and shattered several neighbouring divisions before Napoleon ordered the artillery reserve to halt the advance. 

All in all a great result. The best thing was combining 20 wargamers from throughout the country in one huge game. 

Sorry for the picture quality I spent most of my time fighting hard the fleches and only briefly had time to take pictures from the left flank.