Saturday, September 29, 2012

Romanians for Winterfest

I have spent the last 8 days assembling and painting an entire Romanian army for Flames of War. Next weekend is Winterfest a 1750pt LW comp which is themed Axis vs Allies on the Eastern front.

Due to more Axis than Allied I switched sides like a true Romanian and themed my force to when the Romanians had surrendered to the Soviets and were fighting with them against Germany and Hungary.

First up is the HQ elements, 2x Panzerschrecks, 2x 60mm Mortars. Also a Sniper where normally they cannot take but I get free due to the competitions special rules. Note I messed up in identifying what was in the box. The 2IC and CnC are actually Kommissar figures not Romanian officers as I had first thought. Too late to change. 
Next up is 1st and 2nd Platoon. These are MG teams with a Panzerfaust SMG team as a command team.

HMGs are next, these will most likely we combat attached to the infantry platoons.

Now on to the awesome Schneider 47mm AT gun.

Now for the big boys. Romanian built 75mm Resita TAC 43 gun. These should scare those big cats!

For artillery support we have the 100mm Skoda guns.

To back them up we have the 150mm Skoda guns.

For Soviet support with have a unit of T34/85.


  1. They look great Nick, what is the AT of the TAC 43s? Are Romanians trained or Veterans?


  2. AT 13 on the TAC 43.

    As they are Romanians they don't have a fixed rating. All my troops count as Elite so they roll on a table at the start of the game:

    1-2 Reluctant Vet
    3-4 Confident Trained
    5-6 Confident Vet

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