Friday, January 6, 2012

Mauler she wrote

Out of desperation I had to buy a Mauler from my hated local game store. It was the least overpriced Warmahordes model they had in stock. One example is that they are selling a box of Fennblades for $110 NZ, crunching the numbers for the exchange rate that should be around $66-$70 RRP. So $40 overpriced. I need this unit for my Equinox list so I was getting desperate as the normal UK webstores were out of stock. Lucky for me Comics Compulsion in Christchurch and a box off the shelf for $79.  Why a Mauler? Here are two good reasons..

1. The new Plastic Mauler looks really bad. This I think is partly due to making the kit work as the basis for the 3 generic Dire trolls. It just doesn't have any character.
2. Maulers are angry piles of awesome in the game.

However I am noticing a trend in Privateer Presses figures. They are horrible to assemble. This model had huge gaps in the joins but it is assembled and ready for painting tomorrow.

Here is what the new plastic Mauler will look like:

Here is the un-greenstuffed model:

And after some greenstuff work:

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