Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Conquest, Flames of War 2011

Looks like the Waterloo demo game is a no go so I am jumping ship to flames of war. It's a 1750pt Late War competition and I have decided to carry on the Kiwi theme of this year.

Since FE1 isn't allow I can't use the overpriced staghound list so they are forcing me to use Cassino and it's 1 troop of staghounds. Life can be tough sometimes.

Late War Kiwis are an interesting for to run. Historically in this period they were desperatly short of men and even disbanded several gun platoons to bulk up the infantry. Also Freyberg as under huge pressure from back home to reduce losses which is reflected in Flames of Wars's 1000 man limit special rule.

So here is what I am taking:

HQ +2xPioneer teams
Rifle platoon with sticky bombs
Rifle platoon with sticky bombs
AT platoon 4x6pdrs
Armoured platoon 3xShermans
Armoured platoon 3xShermans
Div Cav platoon 3xStaghounds
31 AT battery 4xM10s CT
US 105 battery 4x105s

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