Saturday, September 24, 2011

Napcon Day Two: Lasalle 28mm

Day two: Vitoria. Tim couldn't make it so I commanded his Light Division. We used a much more historical stats for the British with all British units being Valiant but having the Linear Tactics rule which meant they could not charge if in Attack column as the British fought in line. The only used Column to move their unit about.

It worked out well.


  1. More great photos - I'm gonna 'borrow' part of one to put a wee link to here on my site LM if that's alright - looks like a great weekend. Do you know what rules the Napoleonic Naval guys were playing - looks like Flying Colours from the photos (I'm not familiar with them)? Did they play any SCA (either version), KMH, FASB, or Trafalgar, do you know? Cheers, John (

  2. I think it was Flying Colours. It involved hexs, tables and marking off damage boxes. There was D10s involved +Modifiers then looking up a table which folded out over several pages for results.

  3. Yep - that sounds like FC from what little I know...