Monday, September 5, 2011

Div Cav all the way to Rallypoint

Continuing with my Theme of NZ Div Cav this year for flames I have just started on the Early War version. With Simon taking the desert version I decided on the more challenging Div Cav in Greece.

The basic organisation was the HQ in Marmon Herrington MkII Armoured cars with an additional 2 carriers filling out the HQ.
The first two troops were equipped with Marmon Herrington MkII Armoured cars. The remaining four troops were equipped with carriers.

The carriers used with  a mix of the Scout, Bren and Universal carriers. Here are 3 carriers I have done some minor conversion from the Battlefront early war scout carrier blister pack. Look forward to me trying to scratch build some Marmon Herrington MkII (early) turrets for my armoured car troops.

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