Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kiwis for Conquest Part1: The counting

So I have decided on a list for Conquest:

Here is a breakdown of what I have painted, what needs to be painted and what needs to be bought.

First off is the core of the force. Two New Zealand Rifle platoons. These I have purchased (Battlefronts Commonwealth Rifle platoon) and require no more converting as they are perfect for the job. I just need to paint them.

Next is the AT platoon which I also have but the crew need to be replaced as they are from Battlefronts western front british line (wrong helments) or were from a pack of Para 6pdrs which I bought ages back to get the crew for my para 17pdrs (before BF released crew separately). Not painted.

Then there is the Sherman platoons. I have one platoon painted from my Mid War Div Cav in Italy. They look like:

Note the Camo. This was typical for the Kiwis in Italy. They are based with a few of Battlefronts Italy British infantry range which are as good as their new commonwealth figures.

The second Sherman platoon is purchased but not painted.

Next up is the Div Cav platoon. I have lots of Staghounds, some might say too much. Cassino only allows me 1 troop so here it is:
Again more figure adorn the bases.

The also own the M10 platoon but they need to painted. 31 AT battery got equipped with M10 tank destroyers instead of towed 17pdrs. They came to them in the standard Green and were never repainted in the Khaki/black camo.

Next is the US 105s. I don't currently own these as I get bored quickly playing Americans. Will have to pick these up from the local store if they still have some this week.

So thats the list. I have most of the figures. I just need to start painting.
Here are some pics to get an idea of the colour of the Guns, infantry and the transports used by the Kiwis in Italy. I should have a platoon of the new Commonwealth infantry painted this weekend.

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  1. Look forward to seeing them finished- I think Kiwis will be my next FoW mission- and a suitable table for them to game on.

    Looks like an interesting list, lots of mobility there so needs to be treated with respect. Hope we can get a match up- Cassino FJ vs Kiwis on a Cassino table would be perfect!