Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kiwis vs Panzer Lehr in a Free for all

Bede came over for a game of Flames of War. My Kiwi force vs his Panzer Lehr force.

1st turn: Bede moves his Panthers to behind the hill, repositions his Pumas to cover the Panthers. I move up my M10s to try to put some hurt on the Panthers and fail. Shermans fire at the Pak40s and kill 2.  2nd group of Shermans now have no Pak40s to shoot at some smoke a Panther. Infantry advance to put pressure on the Germans.

Nicks thoughts: An average start. 2 Pak40s are dead which allows me to move my Shermans up the left flank. However the Panthers are free to do horrible things to my Trained M10s.
2nd Turn:  Bede dismounts the Lehr platoon on my left and move forward with the Pumas. They combine with the panthers and kill heaps of the my M10s, the platoon commander flees. Nebs kill a 6pdr and pins the platoon. In my turn I Advance my Staghounds and infantry up the right flank, the infantry up the centre and double time the Shermans up the left flank. I fire and bail 2 Pumas forcing the last one to fall back.

Nicks thoughts: Artillery still isn’t doing much. Had a chance to kill a panther but failed the FP check. My infantry should put some pressure allowing my shermans to press home an attack up the left.

3rd Turn: Bede kills a Sherman with a Pak40. The panthers MG up my infantry in the centre. Nebs hit my infantry on the right.  I turn on the WB on my camera so the colours start to look better.  My 105s smoke the panthers and I get an infantry assault off with my centre platoon. After a few back and forwards the centre platoon  is reduced below half but stays but I take 1 panther out. Shermans kills the Pumas.

Nicks thoughts: Pumas are gone! So 1 VP each so far. The infantry assault could off gone better.
 4th & 5th turns: The next few turns Bede is free to do nasty things. He destroys the centre infantry platoon, Pins down my infantry on the right. I try to unpin but fail and my staghounds dance up and down the road to keep his Lehr platoon honest. Shermans do finish off the Pak40s. My Shermans double down the left to reinforce my attack.

Nicks thoughts: Not looking good, my artillery still hasn’t killed anything yet. 3 Panthers is plenty to stop my Shermans. My infantry stay pinned for 2 turns stalling my attack on the right.

6th & 7th turns: Panthers kill my Shermans then start killing staghounds. The Lehr infantry move up and kill my rifle platoon. My Staghounds kill some half tracks to reduce MG fire but to little too late. Company breaks.

Nicks thoughts: If only my artillery could finished off a Panther or two. I have two really go Time on Target barrages but failed both FP checks. If successful that would be the Panthers reduced to 1 tank and testing Morale. If that happened them my Sherman attack on the left would of succeeded and my Staghounds would of been able to support the infantry attack on the right. All things considered I played the game how I normally do. Attack aggressively forcing my opponent to fight me where and when I want them to.


  1. Beautiful scenery and minis and good AAR!!!

  2. Hard luck Nick- good practice for the kiwis though. That mobility for a foot army could be very effective!

    Sounds like the infantry assualt (with sticky bombs) vs the panthers could have gone a bit better though.

    Looks like a good table to game on too- I assume you now have your man cave set up :)


  3. All the test games the Artillery has been below par. So I expect a stand out performance at Conquest.

  4. lol: Isn't that the waay it always goes!