Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kiwis for Conquest Part4: Shermans, 6pdrs and M10s Oh My!

First up is a platoon of Shermans. I haven't painted on unit markings yet but these will be 2nd troop, A company 19th NZ Armoured Regiment.

Staghounds are just a rebase from my existing collection.

These two teams will be pioneer teams from the Cassino list. They are HQ support weapons which I will attach to my rifle platoons. They fit into 1st platoons diorama just in front of the CnC as they are charging out across the pavement.

Company command team.


M10s from 31 Anti-tank Battery, 7 Anti-tank Regiment. The Kiwis did not repaint their M10s in the typical camo scheme. They left them the standard Green colour that they arrived to them in. These will need unit markings.


  1. Looking good. Love the cobblestones and the tree with the M10.

    Do the 6pdrs get permanent concealment?

    Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh


  2. Hi Lintman, it's all looking great!
    I'm slowly making progress with my painting and learning things as I go.
    I've been looking at your AT guns, what method do you use for painting them?
    Also given that you clearly game the med theatre, wondering if you have any recommendations for gaming surfaces?
    The next part of my project is terrain!

  3. Guns: Russian uniform, then my brown magic wash then a highlight of Russian uniform with a little white mixed in.

    Terrain: still building up my Italy terrain. Starts with an olive/green base cloth (from spotlight) then add in lots of hills underneath (polystyrene) add two boxes of battlefronts rural roads and their monastry. Will add in trees and other bits and pieces along the roads for cover.

  4. Awesome, thanks for that. I'll be going down much the same route for terrain, though I may yet go for a gaming mat. Which would then mean hills that need to sit on top of the mat.

    I have the army painter quick shade, ill give that technique a go.


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