Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fracas, Bring back the Bish

Just got back from Fracas. I came first with my South African Bishop delivery system. Over the 5 games I only dropped 2 points. 2nd was Dominic with his German Pioneers and 3rd was Rob Groom with his Luftwaffe field company (who I beat 5-2 in the final).

The day started  at 4:45am with a drive up from Wellington to Wanganui. One extra strong coffee later I was ready to go.

Game 1: Was against a Jason's Luftwaffe field company supported by 2 Stug Fs and a single 88 in FFA. Front armour 7 is tough to crack but a charge from the slow moving Bishops saw lots of 1s rolled by the Stugs. I only lost 5 Bishops and won 6-1

Game 2: Was against Rob T's Africa Panzerspah in No retreat. He had loaded up and captured 25pdrs but had to attack me in no retreat. He assaulted my Independent team blob willing my staff team and my 2IC with an armoured car platoon and their CO. An 8 gun Bishop ambush left nothing but smoking wheels. The rest of the game saw his only other armoured car platoon try to defeat 8 Bishops and failing while his artillery failed range in checks. 6-1.

Game 3: Was against Damian Tyson who I had hitched a ride with so I had to be nice, we played FFA. He destroyed a Bishop platoon but I killed all his Romanian Tank platoons except for 1 T3. 5-2 to me.

Game 4: Was no retreat vs Derrick's Luftwaffe field company supported by 3 Stug D's, Pak38s and mortars. Lots of love from the ambushing Bishops killed off his Stugs with the Paks soon to follow suit. 6-1 to me.

Game 5: Was FFA vs Rob Grooms Luftwaffe field company with Pak38's and an artillery battery with 75mm infantry guns. It was tough and I lost a Bishop battery. Afterwards we did the math and no matter the result and both of us would be in the top 3.

Fracas was a 600pt tournament. It was played on 4x4 boards with FFA and No retreat with some modifications to the deloyment and objective areas. Lists were Mid war and had the following restrictions:
Minimum of 1 combat platoon
Minimum of 3 platoons total
No top armour 2 tanks allowed
No fleeing platoons of the board edge

My list was a South African Rifle (Transvaal Scottish Regiment) company from North Africa.

HQ with Sticky bombs (RV)
Rifle Platoon, 2 squads (RV)
Machine gun Platoon, 1 section (RV)
Royal Artillery (SP), 2 troops each with 4 Bishop SPGs (CV)


  1. We done.

    8 Bishops in a 600 pt list? Ouch!

    The CHCH guys have a fun 600pt scenario. They have a single objective in the centre of the table that only goes live on turn 3- makes for fun games


  2. There as a lot of trained German infantry out there so those RV infantry and HMGs were perfect to hold them back.

    I think that is a much better way of doing 600pts. Interest to note that the terrain was of good quality but some tables not placed in such a way to be useful.

    Example: Hills everywhere but in the centre of the table to block LOS.