Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mixing it up!

Last update till after Panzerschreck.

I have ordered enough figures to have a Lasalle force completed for Call to Arms this year. Based on the 100day campaign if has:
4 Units of Experienced troops
2 Units of Landwehr Infantry
1 Unit of Landwehr Cav
Foot artillery battery
When attacking I have an extra Experienced unit and an extra Landwehr Infantry unit.

In support I have take the cav option:
1 Hussar unit
1 Dragoon unit
2 Landwehr Cav
Horse artillery battery

These are an organic support so start on the table.

Now I just need to paint 6 units before Call to Arms. First up is the 4th Musketeer unit. Its a mixture of Calpe  figures with perry plastics to bulk it out. Here are some WIP shots.

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