Tuesday, June 7, 2011

P is for Perry, is that good enough for me?

First post time! Welcome all, I am pretty boring so chose the defaults for most of the Blog. As you might of gathered this blog will cover my war-gaming projects. Currently I am about a 3rd of the way through a 28mm Prussian army for Lasalle.

Well time for some content. At Southcon this weekend I picked up a set of Perry Plastic Prussians. Here is a comparison and mini review of the set.

Overview: The set itself is a 40 figure set with 6 Jaegers. It comes with only 2 types of sprues, 6 basic sprues containing 6 poses of March attack infantry and a Jaeger running a trail arms. You only get 1 command sprue with a Drummer, Flag bearer, Officer and an Opera singer. The figures come in 3 parts; main body, head and backpack.

Poses: The figures are a cross between the Perry French and the British. They are simple march attack poses but you can mix it up my turning heads. I would of liked more active poses like the Perry British. You get 6 different march attack and 1 Jaeger per sprue. The Jaeger is running at trail arms but at least he has and arm you glue in to vary the figure.

Extras: You get the standard base sprue that comes with the Perry plastics which I don't use as I use 50mm square bases. You get a painting guide which has 3 flags to choose from, 7 Infantry Regiment 1st and 2nd Battalion (West Prussian) and 10 Infantry Regiment (Silesian). The flags look good but I prefer Mont Saint Jean for my uniform and facing colours.

Calpe: My other figures are all Calpe so quickly glued some together and took some snaps. You decide if they fit will together or will the Perry boys make fun of the Calpe lads for eating all the pies. Note the Calpe figure is base coated in blue.