Monday, June 13, 2011

Just finished my 2nd Landwehr unit. This is a mix of excellent Calpe figures and very average Warlord games plastic landwehr. I will in the future replace the warlord with Calpe but till then I am stuck with the boring Warlord metal command and static march attack plastics.

My blog title has the 1st Landwehr unit I have painted and its all Calpe and the figure are beautiful.

My biggest complaint with the warlord games is they suffer from blob hands syndrome and lack of crisp detail. Its not a plastic vs metal thing as the Perry plastics offer great details which hold up to my lazy paint style.

Here they are. Note no standard as the Warlord games metals have the hand which holds the flag pole filled in with metal. I need to borrow a drill to finish the unit.

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