Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bam and the Tank is gone

Its been a while since I painted some of my 28mm WW2 figures. After counting up my "to do" pile I have:

2 boxes of plastic Bolt Action British infantry (for Italy)
1 platoon worth of metal Bolt Action British infantry (European style helmets)
1 platoon worth of metal Bolt Action German infantry
1 6pdr ATG
2 Universal carriers (Still on order from the UK)

Oh dear.

So I decided to paint the 6pdr as it was a relatively easy job. However the model didn't come with instructions and I only found out after I had glued some of the bits in the wrong place.
The 3 crew it came with were wearing the European style helmet so I cut the helmet down on one figure and removed the head from the other. I replaced brain cases with parts from the plastic kits. I also needed a crew of 4 for the ruleset we are using for 28mm (Rules of Engagement) so I made up another figure from the plastics.

I also added a few bits and pieces to the base, Tommy gun, SMLE rifle, shovel and rocks. I also tried to cut down some of the shells so the looked like APDS ammo. I gave up after 1 as the tools I had weren't up for it.

So here they are:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Equinox, final figures to fight

Last month my DSLR got stolen along with my Laptop and Xbox. Today I bought a cheap point and shoot to try to get by with. Its hit and miss. Without my tri-pod most of the shots were to blurry. I might just have to live with it however till I can get a decent replacement.

Finished painting all my trolls on Sunday for Equinox this weekend. My first Warmachine tournament and it looks like it will great. I have tested both my lists and I am happy with knowing how my forces works together. However there are over 100 different Warcasters/Warlocks in the game and I have only played a smaller number of them.

Still 7 games of two days will be a good learning experience.

Here are the Trolls: