Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Equinox, final figures to fight

Last month my DSLR got stolen along with my Laptop and Xbox. Today I bought a cheap point and shoot to try to get by with. Its hit and miss. Without my tri-pod most of the shots were to blurry. I might just have to live with it however till I can get a decent replacement.

Finished painting all my trolls on Sunday for Equinox this weekend. My first Warmachine tournament and it looks like it will great. I have tested both my lists and I am happy with knowing how my forces works together. However there are over 100 different Warcasters/Warlocks in the game and I have only played a smaller number of them.

Still 7 games of two days will be a good learning experience.

Here are the Trolls:


  1. So long as you know how to run your own warcaster, you should be ok right?

  2. Looking really sweet go and kick some ass

  3. Madrak applies axe to face, Grim shoots things. Pretty simple tactics really.