Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Safe as houses

Here is a quick review of Battlefronts new line of 15mm buildings. These are from their battlefield in a box range. I have subscribed to their 12 month deal where they send me a different building each month. Battlefront underestimated the demand so I was lucky to get subscribed.

The buildings are very similar, most are modifications on the basic structure so I will just do a general review and you can look at the pictures on the Flames of War website if you want to check out the look of the next 10 buildings.

The buildings are made from a dense resin. Its heavy and solid so it is not as brittle and prone to breaking as the earlier Eastern front buildings set.
Each building comes in 3 parts. The ground floor, 2nd floor and the roof. The details are moulded on but the windows are solid resin. However I wouldn’t recommend drilling them out due density of the material and chance of snapping the resin.

Each floor and roof has a grove so they lock in place. The also provides stability and the roof can go on the ground floor to make a single storey house or a 3rd storey added from another set.
Inside there is enough space for a Battlefront large base which equates to 2 medium bases or 4 small bases.

The paint job is acceptable. These have been mass produced and it shows. The colours used are generic and can easily be touched up.  From a distance the basic paint job is fine.

What I really like about this product is its perfect to game with. The buildings are usable straight out of the box. They are heavy enough so they will not get bumped around while you are playing. The buildings come apart allowing your models to occupy positions in the building. The colours are neutral and will fit into most European tables from France to Holland.

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