Monday, July 16, 2012

Game 1: FFA

Another great weekend in Palmerston North. As always the panzerschreck doubles was one of the highlights of the gaming Calender. I will try to briefly explain how all the games went and what my lessons were.

Here is what Tim and Myself took:

NZ Div Cav in Italy (NZ armoured car squadron)
HQ 2xStaghounds
Troop 1 2xStaghound I, 1xStaghound II CS
Troop 2 2xStaghound I, 1xStaghound II CS
Troop 3 2xStaghound I, 1xStaghound II CS
AT platoon 4x17/25 guns
Limited Kittyhawks

2nd Independent Para in Italy
HQ 2xPIAT 1xSniper
Para platoon
Para platoon
Para AT 4x6pdr
British artillery 4x25pdr
NZ AA 3xBofors

Game 1: Free for All vs Brian and Andre (Finn tanks, CT Germans with Tiger)

I am going to just say it. I love me some free for all. It's the type of mission I plan for. The only downside is time, some defensive or slow players can time out causing a loss for both players. This wasn't the case which was great!

They had a mixture of CT Germans, with 10 Tx26s. Their main force to attack with was 2xKVs and a Tiger. To counter this I put the 17pdrs covering our right hand objective and had Tims Para Rifle platoon, Para 6pdrs and the 25pdrs protecting our left hand objective.

The Staghounds attacked the right hand objective while Tim’s 2nd Para Rifle platoon attacked up the centre.
With the help of Tim’s sniper the Staghounds smashed the 88s defending the objective and pushed off the infantry protecting it. A last ditch effort from 5xT26s killed a staghound but couldn’t withstand the mighty firepower of the Staghound. We took the objective while threatening their second objective. Tim’s Paras held onto the objective under attack from the Heavy tanks.

6-1 to us!

Key part of the battle was deployment. We had good AT defence on both objectives, the Staghounds Recce move concealed the objective I was going to swarm. Brian and Andre deployed their 105s almost in the corner which placed them too far to contest the objective. They deployed their tanks to advance along that board edge. With their 8” move they could not move fast enough to help out against my Staghound attack.

Man of the Match: Tim’s Sniper. Took out an 88mm gun all by himself which allowed my staghounds to overwhelm the only other gun covering that objective.

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